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Scope of TLT

The IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies covers all advances in learning technologies and their applications, including but not limited to the following topics: innovative online learning systems; intelligent tutors; educational games; simulation systems for education and training; collaborative learning tools; learning with mobile devices; wearable devices and interfaces for learning; personalized and adaptive learning systems; tools for formative and summative assessment; tools for learning analytics and educational data mining; ontologies for learning systems; standards and web services that support learning; authoring tools for learning materials; computer support for peer tutoring; learning via computer-mediated inquiry, field, and lab work; social learning techniques; social networks and infrastructures for learning and knowledge sharing; and creation and management of learning objects.

Additional Information

TLT was published online using a delayed, open-access policy under which paying subscribers and per-article purchasers had access to newly published content, and then 12 months after the publication of each issue, all readers had access to the content, free of charge. Due to financial problems, this policy cannot continue in the future. So, since February 1, 2018, the delayed open access policy is suspended: all the manuscripts submitted until January 31, 2018will be published (when accepted) under the old delayed open access policy (12 months), but all new manuscripts submitted since February 1, 2018 will be published (when accepted) only to subscribers and per-article purchasers. The future policy will maintain the delayed open access policy after N years. The number N of years will be decided in the future according to the financial evolution of the IEEE-TLT, and will be applied to all the papers published until that date, not only to papers submitted from that date. That is, all the papers published since  N or more years would be put in open access.  

Alternatively, immediate open access is available at acceptance with payment. For further details, see the IEEE's Open Access Publishing Options

TLT publishes archival research papers and critical survey papers. A paper must either describe original research or offer a critical review of the state of the art in a particular area. Papers concerned with evaluation of technology are only appropriate if the technology itself is novel or if significant technical insights are provided. Please be sure to visit the TLT taxonomy list.


According to the 2016 Journal Citation Report, TLT has an impact factor of 2.267.

For papers submitted in 2016, TLT's average time to first decision was 61 days. The average time to first decision for papers submitted in 2015 was 59 days. The acceptance rate was 14.6% for papers submitted in 2016 and 13.1% for papers submitted in 2015.

Editorial Board


Peter Brusilovsky

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