Young Professionals Achievement Award (previously GOLD)

Award Description: 

This award is to recognize those substantive projects or achievements of a relatively short nature (one to three years), but which have left an undeniable imprint on the fabric of IEEE Young Professionals operations.

The award will be based on a selection that recognizes individuals or teams involved with Young Professionals activities who are recognized for singular achievement in the development and completion of a project(s) or activity(ies) which are directed to the fulfillment of one or more of the Young Professionals goals and/or objectives.

The accomplishments of the candidate should be of "significant performance" and should have made a distinguishing contribution to Young Professionals. The focus should be on volunteering for IEEE, MGA, or its organizational units, not on professional achievement.

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Recipients will receive a plaque suitably inscribed, attesting to the accomplishment(s) made by the individual(s), and a US$250 cash prize.
Nomination Deadline: 
15 October
Award Type: 
IEEE Membership and Geographic Activities Board (MGA) Awards
Candidates: - must be an IEEE member in good standing; - must be an IEEE Young Professional at the time of nomination; - cannot be a member of the MGA Board or MGA Awards and Recognition Committee; - must not be a past recipient of the MGA Young Professionals (previously GOLD) Achievement Award.

Award Recipients

Abhishek Appaji M, Nasanin Hashemi, R S Nithin, Sabrinath G Pillai, and Sarang Shaikh
Ramesh Nair, Flavia Dinca, Anis Ben Arfi, Simay Akar, Thiago Ribeiro de Alencar and Sohaib Qamar Sheikh
Shahim Baker, Preeti S. Kovvali, Hussain Mahdi, and Nivas Ravichandran
Nipun Manral, Edhem Custovic, Tushar Sharma and Rafal Sliz
Mathew Carias (R7), Toronto Section, Ahsan Saeed (R10), Karachi Section, Timothy Worboys (R6), Santa Clara Valley Section