Distinguished Lecturer Program

The IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program is one of the most exciting offerings available to the IEEE Society Chapters. The Program is intended to serve as a convenient resource, especially for sections and chapters, to assist them in planning high quality programs for their membership.

The Education Society is developing a two-part Distinguished Lecture Program.

One part of the DLP will develop a cadre of Distinguished Lecturers who will be available to speak at conferences, workshops and meetings. The project is lead by Edmundo Tovar (etovar@fi.upm.es). Details of that program will appear here as they are developed.

The other part develops top quality presentations that are available, in a asynchronous mode, online. A number of such presenations have already been made (see the listing below). This project is lead by Rob Reilly (r.reilly@ieee.org).

Also, the IEEE maintains a database of Distinguished Lecturers, it is located at:

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Database

Here is an archive of the ONLINE Distinguished Lectures that have been presented. The presentations by the esteemed Distinguished Lecturers have been archived and are available here:

  • Approaches to Interactive Video Anchors in Problem-Based Science Learning January 2008 by David Devraj Kumar, Ed.D., Flordia Atlantic University USA
  • Wikis, Blogs, RSS and Podcasting January 2006 by Burks Oakley II, Ph.D., University of Illinois USA
  • Affect, Learning and Cognition August 2005 by Barry Kort, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
  • Defining and Teaching Engineering Ethics October 2004 by Billy V. Koen, Ph.D., The University of Texas Austin USA
  • Ever Think About Becoming a Book Author? June 2004 by David Fogel, Ph.D., Natural Selection, Inc.; IEEE Press Board Member
  • Getting Published in the IEEE Transactions on Education May 2004 by Ted Batchman, Ph.D., University of Nevada Reno USA