Multidisciplinary Engineering Education Magazine

The IEEE Education Society's Chapters Committee has created a Student Activities Committee (SAC). The SAC is a team of approximately ten EdSoc student-members. These student leaders are continuously involved in defining different aspects of the SAC, under the guidance of an advisory board. One of the SAC's first initiatives is the establishment of a continuing serial student publication.

The Multidisciplinary Engineering Education Magazine (MEEM) is a student publication of the IEEE Education Society Student Activities Committee (EdSocSAC) whose primary objective is to facilitate the publication of students' papers, and also of educators, whose works can influence the scientific preparation of pre-college students.

Information to Authors

In order to ease the publication of papers authored by students and the inclusion of other kinds of articles (like interviews and correspondences) a Magazine format was preferred. That way, peer-reviewed papers would be shorter than those required by a Transaction, being more suitable to reflect the work of college and undergraduate students. Also other types of articles could be included, according to the guidelines established by the IEEE for its different publications. (See [1])

All articles and sections "shall be scientific, literary, and educational in character," in accordance to the ES principles. (See [2]). Contribution promoting the cooperation of ES members are welcome.

The preliminary scope would comprise: Student's point of view on, and interaction with, science/engineering education; Engineering education on an international context; Impact of technologies in education; K-12 teaching towards engineering careers. All of them inside the fields defined by ES in its Constitution: "Educational Methods, Educational Technology, Instructional Materials, History of Science and Technology, and Educational and Professional Development Programs within Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and, allied disciplines." [2]

IEEE Education Society Constitution

Continuous Call for Papers

The IEEE Multidisciplinary Engineering Education Magazine is soliciting manuscripts from interested students and educators that address practices, instructional tools, programs, analysis and design techniques, and other relevant issues with regards to multidisciplinary engineering education. Manuscripts must follow the preparation and submission guidelines described in the IEEE Guide for Authors. For further information contact Editor in Chief, Emmanuel A. Gonzalez, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines (