Congratulations to the Education Society recipients of the 2019 IEEE EAB and HKN Awards!

The IEEE Education Society recognizes its members that were recently chosen as recipients of 2019 IEEE Educational Activities Board Awards or IEEE-HKN Awards. We are excited by your accomplishments and grateful that you are members of our community! Congratulations!

John Orr

IEEE-HKN Distinguished Service Award

"For visionary leadership in developing IEEE-HKN's strategic direction, which has become the foundation for the society's financial stability, continuous growth, and programmatic excellence."

Dr. Linda D. Whipker

IEEE EAB Major Education Innovation Award

"For leadership in developing a unique approach to STEAM education and its significant impact to the community."

Douglas Walled, MD

IEEE EAB Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education

"For empowering the next generation of radiologists through his custom-blended curriculum combining the practice of medicine with innovations in engineering."

Victoria Serrano

IEEE EAB Meritorious Achievement Award in Outreach and Informal Education 

"For promoting outreach and informal education activities in universities, schools, public markets, churches, and state fairs in the United States and Panama."


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