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References for Society Awards

To Nominators and Reference Letter Writers The IEEE Education Society has developed a unified process for the IEEE Education Society nominations for awards, including a form for reference letter writers.

Please follow the procedure below:

Receipt of nominations will be acknowledged, and nominators of successful nominations will be notified at, or soon thereafter, the same time that the recipient is notified by the President of the Society. Nominators of unsuccessful nominations will be notified directly, and unsuccessful nominations will automatically be carried over for one year, though updated or additional information may be submitted.

The closing date for nominations is 1 May.

The nominations and reference forms are completed online.

Note- If after viewing the nomination you believe you are NOT qualified to judge the work of the candidate, please NOTIFY THE NOMINATOR IMMEDIATELY.

Before you complete the online reference form you will need the following information in support of the nomination

  • How long have you known the candidate and in what capacity? (not more than 100 words)
  • On the basis of the work of the candidate, which you are competent to judge, please indicate whether or not, in your judgment, the candidate meets the requirements for the proposed award. What distinguishes his/her contributions from the norm? (not more than 250 words)
  • Furnish any additional data not appearing on the Nomination Form that you believe will be helpful to the IEEE Education Society’s Awards Committee. (not more than 250 words)
Nominee Information:
Candidate's Info
Professional Reference:
Reference Information
Upload reference letter as a PDF
Enter IEEE Member Number if applicable

Please indicate the award being considered for this nominee from the list below.

recognizes outstanding long-term service to the IEEE Education Society and significant contributions in an IEEE Field of Interest
recognizes significant contributions over a period of years in one of the Fields of Interest of the IEEE Education Society
recognizes pioneering contributions to the administrative efforts of the Education Society over a period of years
recognizes members of the IEEE Education Society who have made outstanding contributions to teaching unusually early in their professional careers
recognizes an IEEE Education Society member who has, over a sustained period of time, made an exceptional contribution to the Society, which has manifested itself at the Chapter level
recognizes an IEEE Education Society Chapter that provides exemplary technical activities, membership services, and societal activities to its members
recognizes an exceptional contribution to the Education Society by a person who was an IEEE Graduate Student Member or an IEEE Student Member at the time the exceptional contribution was made