IEEE Education Society Young Professionals Ad Hoc Committee

The IEEE Education Society Ad Hoc Young Professionals Committee is welcoming interested members and attendees to the exciting world of IEEE EdSoc Young Professionals (YP). 


Fireside Chat & Coffee Time Diaries

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Deepak Mathur: IEEE Vice President MGA

S.K Ramesh: Ph.D., FIEEE

Thomas Coughlin: IEEE President and CEO


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July 2024 Ad Hoc Committee Newsletter

IEEE Education Week 2024: IEEE EdSoc YP Events

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Young Professionals Committee Chair

M Sai Prashanth

5 (Southwestern U.S.)

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2023 Event Achieve

Young Professional Committee Members


Ayisha E. A.

Operations Engineer
8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

Educational Activities

Maria Giulia Ballatore

8 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

Student Professional Awarness Conclave

Raj Paul

9 (Latin America)


Rajesh Yaddalapudi

TAX Analyst
10 (Asia and Pacific)

Industry Relations & Entrepreneurship

Professional Activities

Rajani Manchineella

10 (Asia and Pacific)

Joint Secretary

Joyce Christina

10 (Asia and Pacific)

Humanitarian Activities

Membership Development

Sarath S

10 (Asia and Pacific)

Student Transition Elevation Program (STEP)

Surabhi Seetha

10 (Asia and Pacific)

Technical Activities

Other Committee Leaders

Working Group IEEE Region
Dr. P E S N Krishna Prasad Region 10
Dr. M V V Prasad Region 10
Mr. Allabaksh Shaik Region 10
Ms. N SUJATA GUPTA Region 10