Technical Committee on Immersive Learning Environments


The IEEE Education Society Technical Committee on Immersive Learning Environments (TC-ILE) serves as a comprehensive effort for the area of Immersive Learning Environments, within the IEEE Educational Society to (1) implement the IEEE Education Society’s objective: promote, advance, and disseminate state-of-the-art scientific information and resources related to the Society’s field of interest, (2) identify and bring together the highly disciplinary groups of researchers, practitioners and industry of relevant fields, and (3) to provide professional development opportunities for academic and industry professionals.

Immersive learning refers to the learning phenomena occurring in immersive environments: the surroundings in which a person may experience immersion. The TC-ILE will focus on the relationship of learning with the technical, narrative, and engagement aspects of immersive environments. It includes virtual settings, but also physical settings, and the contextual conditions of both: the technical, cultural, haptic, organizational, social, logistic, historical, and multifaceted perspectives of reality.

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