Antonio Crespo


Antonio Crespo


Dr. Antonio Crespo holds a BSc in Aeronautical Sciences, a BSc in Social Sciences, a MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Information and Systems Engineering. His professional career includes senior positions in both government and industry ecosystems, as well as diplomatic assignments within the United Nations system. In his academic career, Dr. Crespo has been conducting AI related research since 2008, which includes its applications to Aviation, Environmental Sciences and health & welness. He is a member of the TransLab - Laboratory for the Research and Development of Computational Models applied to Air Transportation (University of Brasilia), associate editor of the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, reviewer for the journal Patterns (Cell Press), and Director of the UNICA Community, Research and Learning Institute (UNICA CRLI). Throughout his career, Dr. Crespo actively worked to foster the integration among Academia, industry and government.

Position(s) & Affiliation(s)

Director - Full Professor
Unica Community, Research & Learning Institute