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The IEEE Education Society is proud to promote several online learning opportunities. As an education-based organization, we are pleased to support both Society sponsored webinar series and webinar series hosted by members of our Education Society community.

Society Sponsored Webinars

2023 Webinars are Coming Soon.

Additional Webinar Opportunities

Additional Webinar Opportunities Coming Soon.

Past Webinars

Pathways to Academia: Industry vs. Academia - Finding the Right Fit

For 2022, the IEEE Education Society, IEEE Educational Activities, and IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu are hosting a series of interactive virtual events designed specifically for engineering, computing, and technology students interested in pursuing or professionals just starting their academic careers.

Session Four:

This event will provide advice on choosing between a career in industry or academia. Key differences between these career paths will be explored.


One of the most important decisions engineers face is choosing whether to pursue a career in industry or academia. While this decision is easy for some, it can be incredibly challenging for others. If you’ve struggled with this question of which career path you’ll choose after your formal education ends, you’re not alone.

There are several key differences between working in industry and academia. In this session we will explore some of those difference. It’s critical to understand these subtleties and consider your skill set, qualifications, priorities, personality, and career goals when deciding which path is right for you.

IEEE Education Society and Educational Activities Board - Online Conference on Effective Remote Instruction

In the first half of 2020, the academic world was forced to abruptly shift from the long-established in-person classroom model to a fully online situation. With little advance notice to prepare, many engineering and technology professors -- alongside their colleagues -- had to quickly transition their methods to this remote world despite limited resources to do so.

This webinar series gathered academic professionals from around the globe to learn and share real-world examples and best practices in remote instruction.

Webinar Titles

  • Ditching the Traditional College Lecture in Remote Instruction
  • Making Labs Effective with Remote Learning
  • Managing Remote Student Teams
  • Student Assessments for Remote Delivery
  • Student and Data Privacy when Offering Remote Instruction

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Engineering Education 2.0 - IEEE Education Society and Education Activities Board

Webinar 1: Models, Methods and Techniques for Innovation 

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This session was the first in a four-part series of webinars designed to equip participants with skills to apply best practices and understandings from current STEM higher-education research literature.  This initial session reviewed conceptual models for understanding engineering education instruction and explored new teaching approaches and techniques that enhance teaching practice. It was the first in a four-part, interactive Webinar series that is co-sponsored by the IEEE Education Society and the IEEE Educational Activities Board.  A second session on instructional design and assessment will be held in late October titled " Transformation in Practice: Approaches to Innovative Instructional Design".  The remaining sessions will be scheduled for early 2021.  The webinar series is intended for both new and experienced engineering educators.  

Presenter: Dr. Arnold Pears is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Learning in Engineering Science, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; is a Professor of Computing Education Research at Uppsala University, Sweden; and is Director of the Swedish National Centre for Student-centric.  He has led professional development courses for engineering educators since 2010 and has published over 100 scholarly articles in computing and engineering education.  He serves as Vice-President Publications for the IEEE Education Society.

Webinar 2: Transformation in Practice: Approaches to Innovative Instructional Design

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Evidence driven engineering education practices draw on prior research to inform new instructional designs. In this virtual event, we introduce methods to evaluate student learning in the context of new instructional designs. We will take a case based approach to discuss how prior engineering education research can lead to innovative instructional design. We will then introduce participants to a methodology for research-based evaluation of instructional innovation. The methods introduced in this session provide the foundation for the formulation and conduct of the participant-centric engineering educational research experiments that form the core of the next two activities in the series.

Webinar 3: Interviews in the Field

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In the third session Engineering Education 2.0, we shift focus from the field as a whole and the concept of ”teaching as research” to innovation in practice. Taking inspiration from a thought-provoking recent report Ruth Graham released under the auspices of MIT, we take a look at the coal face of innovation through the eyes of three thought leaders identified in that report, who join us in the studio to talk with Professor Pears about their visions, innovative educational programs, and views on research and development as we move to implement the future of engineering education.

Webinar 4: Digital Transformation of Teaching in a Post-Pandemic World

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This session was part of a four-part series of virtual events designed to equip participants with skills to apply best practices and understanding from current STEM higher-education research literature.  

This virtual event offered IEEE digital certificates, which include CEU and PDH credits, to attendees. Additionally, learners who completed all four sessions of the series were eligible to receive an IEEE digital badge.

Dr. Arnold Pears presented this final virtual event of Engineering Education 2.0, a four-part series designed to equip participants with skills to apply best practices and understanding from current STEM higher-education research literature. You will hear perspectives on these issues, and discussions on how to prepare engineers for a sustainable, just, and democratic world through the lens of research-driven innovation.

IoT and New Frontiers in Education Webinar Series

A webinar series organized by the IEEE Education Society Bangalore and Spanish Chapters

The IoT and New Frontiers in Education Webinar Series took place on 18-22 January 2021. Each webinar consisted of a 20-30 minute presentation and a 10-15 minute Q&A session. Webinars were held daily at 4:30 PM CET (10:30 AM EST, 3:30 PM WET, 9:00 PM IST).

Webinar Schedule: 

  • 18 January: Education and Remote Laboratories - Manuel Castro
  • 19 January: IoT and Practical Laboratories - Sergio Martin
  • 20 January: Security, Devices, and Education - Elio San Cristobal Ruiz
  • 21 January: FPGAs and Remote Educational Activities - Pedro Plaza
  • 22 January: FPAAs and Remote Laboratories - Alejandro Macho