Awards & Recognition Program

Education Society Awards

The Education Society offers several awards, which are typically presented at the Frontiers in Education (FIE) Conference (other arrangements can be made when circumstances warrant).

The Awards Committee has developed a unified process for all award nominations, and a template for reference letter writers. Please read the nominations procedure section below.

Awards Committee Chair

James Sluss

University of Oklahoma
United States

Nomination Process

     Procedure for all award nominations:

  1. The nominator should complete a nomination, using the nomination form.

  2. The nominator is then asked to send a link to the reference form to each person writing a reference letter on behalf of the nominee along with a copy of the completed nomination form.

  3. The reference letter writer is asked to complete the reference form and return it to the nominator. Please use Microsoft Word files.

  4. The nominator is asked to assemble the files into a single document, convert it to PDF (if possible), and submit the package to the IEEE Education Society Operations Manager, Brittian Parkinson with a copy to the Awards Committee Chair, James Sluss.

  5. Receipt of nominations will be acknowledged, and nominators of successful nominations will be notified at, or soon thereafter, the same time that the recipient is notified by the President of the Society. Nominators of unsuccessful nominations will be notified directly, and unsuccessful nominations will automatically be carried over for one year, though updated or additional information may be submitted to the two persons mentioned in #4 above.

The deadline for all Education Society awards is 1 May.