Edmundo Tovar, Outgoing President's Message Farewell

Dear IEEE Education Society Member,

I want to thank you once again for your commitment and loyalty to the IEEE Education Society. Thanks to your participation, this Society has become a favorable meeting place for the academic and industry professionals who share our interest in the theory and practice of education and educational technology in all fields within the scope of interest of IEEE. This is a Society where individual achievements are shared,  enriched, and made available at the service of the community and society. We have been able to provide a multicultural climate in which, as you take a more active role, provides a space for respectful relationships, human connection, and collective success in all initiatives that are proposed. 

I feel especially honored at the end of my term as President. Firstly, for being a part of the legacy of all the past presidents of the Society. Their leadership has yielded a long and fruitful history for the Education Society. And secondly, for having had the opportunity to contribute to its continuity.
While we periodically and punctually inform you of all the services, products, and opportunities through our communication channels, such as the website, quarterly newsletters, social media networks, and emails, now I have the duty to explain to you what the five principles of government that I have pursued have been. These principles of government, in collaboration with the BoG and as a result of the partnership with the Operations Management team, have been the focus throughout my two years as President. Those principles have been:

  • "Establishing the Responsibilities of Each Role within the Society," by documenting the roles using the same verbiage as the Letters of Appointments and by appointing new representation positions in the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB).
  • "Focusing Strategy," by obtaining final approval of the strategic plan document that will be a reference for the Society's operations as well as a starting point for its updating, improvement, and new revisions in the future. This document was completed with the recommendations provided by a successful five-yearly Society Review by the IEEE Society Review Committee conducted in 2021.
  • "Ensuring Conformity with IEEE and Society Rules," by ensuring conformity in both the development of the Strategic Plan and in the alignment with policies and different TAB committee strategies.
  • "Ensuring Respect for the Human Factors of our Membership," by initiatives, like the addition of the IEEE Diversity Statement to the Education Society Constitution and Bylaws, the reduction of membership rates for specific dates, the participation in the IEEE Multi-Society Discount Program, new sections in the Education Society newsletter, which include a Chapter Spotlight and Fellow/Senior Member Recognition section, Education Society involvement in the IEEE Learning Network (ILN) Course Review Project, the Society's participation in IEEE's first-ever Education Week or highlighting the Society's collaboration with IEEE DataPort, established to support the Society having an Open Data Policy.
  • "Ensuring Necessary Levels of Performance," by creating the Education Society Operations Manual, action plans of our officers aligned with the Strategic Plan, and with the initiative to identify IEEE and internal data sources as the first step towards an organization governed by data.

The last two years have been unforgettable. Together, we have had to learn and emerge stronger from the pandemic. I appreciate you all, and my heartfelt tribute to all the victims among our colleagues who have left us.
Finally, let me also extend appreciation and acknowledge the work of our leaders. These include members of the Board of Governors, Standing Committees Chairs, Editors-in-Chief of our journals, organizers of events of our journals, Chapter Chairs, and many more. I also want to acknowledge our Operational Team's work during these two years, led by Madison Musselman and Margaret Raabe. In the last months, acquiring their services has increased the importance of the Society's future.
I extend a warm welcome and my best wishes and support to the incoming President of 2023-2024, Martin Llamas Nistal.

I hope to see you soon at the upcoming IEEE Education Society activities. Many thanks and affection for your support and dedication, and my best wishes, personal and professional, for the year 2023. 

Edmundo Tovar

IEEE Education Society President, 2021-2022