2024 IEEE Education Society New Initiative Funding Request for ExCom Endorsement

Important Update:

This form is the required first step in the 2024 Call for New Initiative Projects but is not the official application. You will need to complete this form and receive endorsement from one of the Executive Board members of the Society before you will be sent the official application. 

Please note that an endorsement is not an official review of a proposal and does not guarantee a proposal will be funded, it is intended to help the submitter better frame their ideas in the context of society goals and activities.

To learn more about this call including deadline and timeline information, please do so here.

View the New Initiative Self-Assessment Checklist here

Note: Submitters must be active IEEE Education Society members.

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Please choose the area that most closely applies to your proposal. This will match your proposal with a request for endorsement to the corresponding Executive Committee member
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The Society's Strategic Goals can be found here

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I understand that this is the first of two steps to submit my initiative. This form is to obtain an endorsement from an Executive Board member, which is the required first step in order to complete a full application that will be sent to me IF I receive an endorsement. I also understand that obtaining an endorsement does not guarantee my proposal will be funded; it means that I can submit my proposal to the Society for the official review process.