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TO: Nominators and Reference Letter Writers.
The IEEE Education Society has developed a unified process for the IEEE Education Society nominations for awards, including a template for reference letter writers.

Please follow the procedure below:

1.    The nominator should create a Nomination using this online form.
2.    The nominator is then asked to send the reference letter forms to the proposed references and upload with nomination form.
3.    The reference letter writer is asked to complete the reference form and return it to the nominator. Please use PDF files.
4.    The nominator is asked to upload the reference forms in the appropriate section of the Nomination webform.
5.    Receipt of nominations will be acknowledged, and nominators of successful nominations will be notified at, or soon thereafter, the same time that the recipient is notified by the President of the Society. Nominators of unsuccessful nominations will be notified directly, and unsuccessful nominations will automatically be carried over for one year, though updated or additional information may be submitted.

The closing date for nominations is 1 May.

The nomination can be made by anyone who is familiar with the individual’s work. The nominations are completed online. Before you complete the online form you must have the following information and supporting documents to complete the nomination:

  • Name, affiliation, and contact information of the nominating individual
  • Nominee biographical information, including education and employment history
  • Proposed citation (which awards committee may adjust)
  • Three professional references/endorsements
  • Up to 3 Significant Papers and/or a Project file (pdf format)

Additionally, you must provide one or both of the following:

  • A selection of no more than three papers published by the nominee, with comments by the nominator limited to 100 words per paper.
  • A description of projects led by or contributed to by the nominee, with clear articulation of the role the nominee played and the relevant contributions.
Nominator Information: