Upcoming TC-ILE Events and Meetings

First Annual TC-ILE Member Meeting
2 June 2022

 6 PM - 8 PM CET, at iLRN2022 in Vienna and online.

The first annual member meeting and a workshop together with the ILRN conference participants will take place as a hybrid event at the 8th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN2022) in Vienna and online. For all participating in person, there will also be the opportunity to join 2 social events for TC-ILE members: a walk and visit to a winery, and a social dinner.

Social Network Event - Walk along the Danube and visit a winery

Tuesday, 31 May 2022 in the afternoon (check conference agenda)

  • TC-ILE Research Agenda Workshop - Online and on-site, access codes will be provided

Thursday, 2 June 2022 

  • TC-ILE Annual Member Meeting at 5:30 pm CET (+1 UTC) - Online and on-site, access codes will be provided
  • TC-ILE Social Dinner at 6:30 pm CET (+1 UTC) - Heindls Schmarren&Palatschinkenkuchl, Vienna City Center (1st district) (additional activity and not covered by the conference fees)

For planning the events, please register and indicate if you attend in person or online:



8th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN2022) IEEE TC-ILE Workshop
30 May - 4 June 2022

Vienna, Austria (in person) and online in iLRN's Virtual Campus powered by Virbela

Conference Website

Research Activity
Immersive Learning Survey

As part of collaborative research, the “Immersive learning survey: A common understanding of the diverse field of immersive learning” is one activity to develop a systematization effort supporting a common understanding of the diverse field of immersive learning. This survey is a collaboration between the individual researchers Dennis Beck, Christian Gütl, Leonel Morgado, and Jonathon Richter which is supported by the iLRN Network, and the TC-ILE, in which the researchers are also engaged. With this survey, the diverse community of immersive learning researchers and practitioners should be heard. This way, the perspectives and priorities of your membership can be heard and reflected in that understanding, in this way also TC-ILE. Findings and anonymized datasets will be openly shared and can be used for further research also by this community.

I want to encourage all TC-ILE members to participate and provide a better picture of immersive learning.

More information and the survey form can be found at:


Call for Papers for Special Session:
Artificial Intelligence, Cross Reality, Digital Twins in Education (ARTiE)
ICL 2022, Vienna, Austria, 27-30 September

Andreas Pester from TC-ILE Interest Group "AI in ILE" is organizing together with colleagues the special session "Artificial intelligence, cross Reality, digital Twins in Education (ARTiE)" at ICL 2022 in Vienna, September 27-30 2022. This special issue focuses on three amazing technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cross Reality (XR), and Digital Twins (DT), and their influence on education, especially higher education.

I want to encourage all TC-ILE members to consider submitting contributions and promote the special issue:



XRWALC Workshop
22 June 2022

IMX is the leading international conference for the presentation and discussion of research into interactive media experiences. This year, the 1st International Workshop on Analytics, Learning, and Collaboration in eXtended or Cross Reality (XR), XRWALC 2022 is taking place in connection with the ACM IMX 2022 International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences, on June 22, 2022, in Aveiro, Portugal, and hybrid for international researchers.

This workshop represents the first time that researchers from multiple disciplines will meet and collaborate on these topics:

  • Remote analytics: inspect and interact with remote systems, explore and analyze data within immersive XR environments
  • Immersive learning: exploit the advantages of safe and affordable learning environments that allow to simulate, try out, experience, learn and train;
  • Collaboration in XR: approaches to design and enable group collaboration.

TC-ILE representatives Christian Gütl of the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science at TUG in Graz, Austria and Heather Elizabeth Dodds Dodds Consulting, NY, USA are Workshop Chairs of this inaugural workshop and are presenting. They will be explaining the newly formed IEEE Education Society Technical Committee on Immersive Learning Environments and its mission and membership.  This bridging venture between ACM and IEEE embraces what researchers hope immersive learning will foster in the metaverse worldwide.