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Immersive Learning Survey

As part of collaborative research, the “Immersive learning survey: A common understanding of the diverse field of immersive learning” is one activity to develop a systematization effort supporting a common understanding of the diverse field of immersive learning. This survey is a collaboration between the individual researchers Dennis Beck, Christian Gütl, Leonel Morgado, and Jonathon Richter which is supported by the iLRN Network, and the TC-ILE, in which the researchers are also engaged. With this survey, the diverse community of immersive learning researchers and practitioners should be heard. This way, the perspectives and priorities of your membership can be heard and reflected in that understanding, in this way also TC-ILE. Findings and anonymized datasets will be openly shared and can be used for further research also by this community.

I want to encourage all TC-ILE members to participate and provide a better picture of immersive learning.

More information and the survey form can be found at: