TC-ILE shall have a Chair, two Vice-Chairs, a Secretary, a supporting Steering Board, and a number of Members. The Chair shall be appointed by the President of the Society in January for a period of 2 years. The TC-ILE Chair shall appoint two Vice-Chairs, the secretary, and a number of Members. Nominations of leadership roles shall be fairly balanced between genders, world regions, and countries, as well as dominating influence of institutions’ affiliations must be avoided.

The steering board includes the chair and vice-chairs, the secretary, plus 4 other members. The additional four members are initially nominated by the members, and are renewed by election among members; Attention must be given to a good balance between genders, regions, and countries, as well as dominating influence of the institution’s affiliations must be avoided. Votes can be approved by the bare majority, decisions are valid if at least half the steering board is present. In case of conflict of interest, single steering board members must not vote.

The appointment of the TC Vice-Chairs and the TC Members needs to be approved by the Steering Board. TC Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and TC-ILE members must all be IEEE Education Society members. The term of service of the chairs and steering board expires at the end of the period of two years for which they have been appointed or elected. Members cease to be so either due to leaving the society or for requesting to leave the TC-ILE or by being expelled by a Steering Board decision.

If you are interested in being considered for a position on the TC-ILE, please send an email to TC-ILE@LISTSERV.IEEE.ORG with a link to your CV.